2017 Singapore Contemporary, booth A05


Here you can see all works that Charlotte Donvang is exhibiting at Singapore Contemporary 19-22 January 2017.
All artworks are 3-dimensional and if you put on a pair of 3D cromatech glasses, these 2-dimensional artworks will transform into a new world of 3D.




Charlotte Donvang’s exploration of life, energy and emotion is vibrantly showing in this exhibition. Exploring emotions of the human

journey: love, hate, anger, joy. Charlotte uses powerful strokes and strong colors to express the strength these have in our lives.

It’s easy to look at these on the wall and see the obvious message.


To feel the immediate impact and say ‘ah, yes, I feel the heart and love here or the anger there’. The contemporary abstract expressionism is strong.

Charlotte’s works explore a deeper facet of life. Life is multi-dimensional. The paintings move, like emotions. Put on 3D glasses

and these paintings become multi-dimensional. Love, joy, anger are not simply two dimensional emotions fixed and frozen in a single

moment. These emotions are flowing expressions... they shift, adjust and move from moment to moment in response to both the person

feeling them and those around them.


This is the magic of this particular exhibition. Charlotte’s 3D Energy in Motion Series is multi-dimensional.

Each piece literally moves with you. New dimensions leap out. Others sink back. What was once interesting become enthralling as new layers of life, emotion and experience show up.


Explore this exhibition, what new dimensions do you see in each of these emotions? Which do you need for your journey in life?


You can download the catalogue here:





Below, click and the images or links to see the artist's messages in the paintings.



Charlotte Donvang's Virtual Art Gallery


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