Charlotte Donvang, Danish artist living in Malaysia

“I paint the Energies and Emotions of Life”



The Malaysian based Danish artist Charlotte Donvang is more than a continuously developing painter. She is an energetic artist, visionary, a dreamer, a healer, spiritual being and life artiste.


Charlotte Donvang was born into a family of artists and is living her passion of spreading joy with art, colour and creativity. Despite being taught art techniques and expression since childhood she for many years tried to avoid becoming an artist, by dancing with creative adventures such as working in advertising, entrepreneurship and healing. However, destiny finally caught up with her bringing her onto her truthful path of artistic expression in 2008.


To Charlotte, art is an expression of the most fundamental and basic in life: energy. While believing that everything ultimately can be translated into energy vibrations she uses her psychic capabilities to translate these universal energies into different languages that might be easier for us human beings to understand: colour, shape, form and words. She also works with music, song and movement as ways of expression and as part of her art. Charlotte has the ability to create 3-dimensional paintings which are best enjoyed with 3D glasses.


Charlotte is inspired by ancient wisdom and the simple art of observation of people, nature and life. She questions what immediately meets the eye in search of a deeper truth.


Charlotte’s style is constantly developing as she develops herself as a human and spiritual being. Her art is becoming more focused on the big questions in life, the questions about our own integrity, truth and consciousness. She is conceptually working with different layers of the human self while letting the often explosive colours combine with figurative elements to insinuate just this. Her works have almost spiritual connotations as she plays with the way we see the world. Her artworks are vibrant, colourful and full of energy.


Charlotte looks at the essence of life in general while encouraging us to look into our and question ourselves about the way we see life as well as our worldview. Her vision is to inspire and encourage conscious living and to empower people to live a life truthful to themselves.




Watch this video presentation about me (it's a bit old though). You can also find it on my YouTube Channel by clicking here: YouTube

Charlotte Donvang's Virtual Art Gallery