Charlotte Donvang

OCA Application 2018

OCA Application 2018

All documents supporting my application can be found and downloaded from this page

Academic Writing
You may download the full document by clicking: 


Images of artworks at the bottom of this page. Click the image and a brief description appears. From there you may expand to full screen mode.

Curriculum Vitae
You may download my BIO by clicking: here

Here is link for the catalogue from my show at Singapore Contemporary 2017, click below:




Aims and Areas for Development

You may download a brief on the subject by clicking: here

By Charlotte Donvang


Enclosed 10 images which can be viewed online or downloaded. You can find other works on the links to my website and social media accounts at the bottom of this page.

Messages for a selection of works can be downloaded here



Lost in Space

Auspicious Surroundings

Life Force

The Unseen

Open Reference

Referee statement can be downloaded here

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