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The Testimonials

​"Wonderful experience learning with Charlotte - she is creative, patient, and very supportive - brilliant experience."

Dave Rogers

Inspirational Speaker & Business Coach

As a ceramic artist I already have experience with colours but Charlotte’s approach is very different to anything I have learned. Charlotte has taught me a lot about colours, how they affect us as well as how we can use them. She is inspiring and fun to work with!

​Bergljot Johanne Lund

Ceramic Artist

"I am so little creative that none of my kids wants to be with me when we play Pictionary! The youngest one even cried once because he was going to be on my team. Through Painting from the Heart I found out that I am actually creative and I had so much fun while doing it."


Malaysian Business Man 
(anonymous to protect this wellknown personality)

“I regarded myself as artistically and creatively challenged. Through Charlotte’s creative workshops I have felt the bliss of letting go, the joy of losing my inhibitions and releasing my creativity with painting. Fun and eye opening!”


Jade Robinson
Consular Executive


"Charlotte is gentle yet energetic. Her workshops are encouraging and enlightening and she has managed to get me inspired and very keen to paint and create again. Not only have I learned about colours and creativity, I also got fascinating insights into myself.”


Francess Karkov
Manager of Home Affairs


"I had been stuck writing my 4th book for quite a while when I attended Charlotte’s workshop “Painting from your Heart”. It was an amazing experience where I came out the other end with a highly charged creative energy, I felt healed, balanced and ready to write again. Most importantly, I feel so happy that I found my true self again as well as fun new ways to connect with my son.
This workshop is a must if you feel you have any creative blocks or simply want to re-discover the joy of creating in a fun and safe environment."


Sis Zabrina

Life Storyteller, Blogger, Columnist

Author of Malaysian Bestseller Islamic Motivational Book -

Life Open Secret Book Series

"The workshop helped me venturing deep into the Heart and soul in a very safe environment and it allowed each of us to take the path, which was meant for us individually. We were able to create and journey into our heart space at our own pace with support and loving energy . Most refreshingly for an art workshop, there was a complete absence of judgment or stress. Lunch was refreshing and wonderful, giving us light energy and lifting us instead of weighing us down. Class was fun and time flew really quickly."


Sika Chin

Manager of Home Affairs



"Loved every minute! Charlotte’s workshop really helped me realise where I am emotionally about sharing my both the voice of me, and sharing my art. I wanted to get back into painting and this totally blew me away and back into my love of painting!Painting from your Heart is a fabulous workshop for anyone wanting to expand their heart, to share their voice or to simply enjoy 2 bliss-filled days of wonderful company, great food and above all… the creative spirit of art.

Joanne FlinnEntrepreneur,

Author, Speaker and Artist 



"What a great workshop!"


Erum Azeez Khan
Mindvalley employee

"I had recently been fearful of the white canvas and not been painting. Through Charlotte’s workshop I rediscovered the joy of painting and I was blown away by just how deep this workshop went into the soul of my being in a magical way! The unusual exercises not only helped me find a creative voice in painting but it also helped me discover avenues I can use as an actor and singer."


Singer and Actor

(wanted to remain anonymous)

"I was pleasantly surprised by the natural ability to express with colors in each and every participant! I also discovered some of my true colors...."

Li Kheng Phng
CEO and Entrepreneur




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