Charlotte Donvang, Danish artist living in Malaysia


I paint contemporary and abstracts using lots of colours.
I love colours. They express more than words and are a fabulous international language talking to the heart and soul independent of age, culture and language. The colours speak to the subconscious mind and can teach us a lot about ourselves. 

I work intuitively with art and see my paintings as a totality including colours, symbols, titles and corresponding messages.
I feel my paintings as energy. And they are only finished after I have interpreted their messages with words… and sometimes sound… and then they become a complete message with their own life!

Some people might call me a self taught artist… but in reality I was born into a family of artists in Denmark and grew up with art and technique played into my being since early childhood.

Most of my life I have been dancing around art by always being in creative jobs and doing creative things including being an entrepreneur, a healer and a trainer.

After many years in the business world I relatively late in life decided to focus on play…  the play with colours, art and creativity… and I’ve had a fabulous time since!
I believe that we are born to live our life in joy and happiness. We do that when we live in line with our life purpose. I do that now with colour, creativity and art!
I live i Kuala Lumpur and so far, I have exhibited in Malaysia, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand and India. I am looking forward to go elsewhere around the globe too!

My mission is to spread joy with colours, art and creativity. I love to help people realize that we all have immense creative capabilities. In my transformational workshops I help participants to experience that by allowing ourselves to play and actively use colours and creativity in our lives, we can let go of stress and shift our state of being.

I created the workshop "Let Loose Your Inner Child with Painting" which is also soon out as a book/DVD "do-it-yourself" training programme. It focuses on play, creativity and fun... and it is for adults who would like to become more creative AND relax more through creative expression.

I have also created the workshop called "Painting from your Heart". This workshop focuses on how to get in contact with yourself to make it easier for you to create. The workshop is for beginners as well as intermediate painters who would like to add an extra dimension to their art.


Watch this early video presentation about me. You can also find
it on my YouTube Channel by clicking here: YouTube

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