Selected Works


The series ‘I Gotta Be Me’ with colorful women started in 2018 when I had just moved from an area in KL, Malaysia, to start a new chapter of my life in another area ... after divorce.

It started as a tribute to the mature woman who found herself. But before I knew it, this series had evolved into a tribute to all the women who are simply themselves, whether they are young or old, wrinkled or not, grumpy or laughing, considered beautiful or not.

We all have different facets, at different times. Maybe we need girlfriends, someone to talk to… or to be told we're ok, no matter what we look like on the outside. Maybe we need to express desire, anger or other emotions. Sometimes we may want to be different from others, look different, do something new, have different opinions, etc.…

Slowly, this series is evolving into something more symbolic ... it's about individuality. Ultimately, this series is a tribute to joy and hopefully also inspiration to search for a way to live positively, joyfully and freely!

the blues

This series is inspired by the element of water, sky and space. In 2016 and 2017 I was working a lot with the colour blue as a healing colour for peace of mind and body. The colour is linked to calm and serenity, and that was something I was looking for after a couple of turbulent years involving amongst others a divorce after 23 years of marriage.


After finding more peace inside, I wanted more flow in my life and I looked to both the Chinese and Indians for inspiration. I found that the element of water could create that flow which was actually what happened as I created this series!


In this series I question emotions, thoughts and our minds, our conscious and subconscious… and I found that I needed to contemplate upon it to find a deeper truth. If we spend time in contemplation to find the truth of who we really are, what we do and what we want, then that’s when we feel a sustainable flow of life.


Like all my works, this series too is an exploration of life, energy and emotion.