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Upcoming workshop schedule:

23-24 May 2015

Workshop in KL:

Creative Family Fun… Artisitc bonding between Parent and Kid 


September 2015
3 day retreat in Malaysia, more information to follow


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Workshops in progress.... focusing, relaxing, enjoying, having fun, producing creative expression!

Let Loose Your Inner Child with Painting


2 day workshop


Do you want to get in touch with your own creativity? Or maybe you don’t feel creative at all and wonder whether it can be learned? Are you longing for some fun and play?

Maybe you have been thinking about beginning to paint... but don’t know where and how to start? Or you have been painting for a while but feel it’s difficult to think of a motive or that you lack inspiration?
Well, if you can recognize some of the above... maybe this is something for you!

In this fun 2-day workshop I will introduce some simple painting techniques using acrylic paints. I will teach basic colour theory so you can blend and mix your own colours. But first and foremost, I’ll help you get in touch with your inner child... the child that used to enjoy playing and being creative.
I’ll guide you through some simple exercises to get the creative juices flowing; you will feel for yourself how it is to paint from the heart. The techniques I will be sharing with you are so simple that you can easily duplicate them and use them at home.

After this workshop you’ll feel more creative and confident about being creative. And I promise that you will have had a lot of fun.

This is your chance to be creative even when you don't feel you are! 

Course fee normally includes 2 full days workshop, all materials, healthy lunch and coffee/tea.

Groups of 6-10 people, maximum of 12.

Workshop to be held at my Studio in Taman Hillview, Ampang. Other venues (incl. retreats) can be arranged in agreement but I have certain criteria which needs to be met as the environment is important to the results of the workshop.

Register your interest to join a 2 day workshop… or book one for your own group of 6-10 people:

Or call me +6 017 693 1051 to discuss options.

Painting from your Heart


​2 day workshop

This 2 day workshop is for you who would like to explore art as a tool to get in touch with yourself.

Tryi it if you really want to be able to express yourself from inside out… whether it’s on canvas, in words, voice or song, in other creative ways and most naturally in your life in general.


Painting from your Heart is a self-development and healing type of workshop where you through a series of unusual exercises will be introduced to a wide palette of techniques which will help you feel confident about yourself and your creative expressions.


The workshop is first and foremost about creativity and your own inner self. I know from my own experience that our creativity really comes to its full expression when we are in touch with ourselves and when we get a feel for that divine force deep inside!


The purpose of this workshop to help you to get into the depths of yourself via different channels so you can find the route most suitable for you to get your creative juices flowing in a way where you are staying true and honest with yourself.


Each workshop is unique because each and every human being is different and of course all participants are unique! That’s why not two workshops will ever be same with the different personalities, backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and energies we all bring to the table or the easel. Even though I plan to do certain exercises for the workshop I might actually change it when we are in progress to suit the present group of individuals the most.


Generally, in the workshop you will most likely be faced with some but not all of these techniques and exercises:


  • Basics of painting with acrylic paint

  • Basic colour mixing

  • Science of emotions

  • Effects of colour vibration

  • Breathing exercises

  • Visualisation

  • Meditation

  • Sound making

  • Listening to music of different types

  • Dancing

  • Play and games

  • Voice and singing

  • Eating energy food

  • … and of course painting from your heart!


The workshop has proved to help anybody from a complete beginner to experienced artists! It’s important to remember that the workshop is more about the process of creation than the visual result in terms of a painting… it’s just that we use the painting as an immediate and quite visible result of our progress during the workshop.


After the workshop you will:


  • Feel tired yet energized

  • Feel more confident in your creative expression

  • Feel very relaxed and de-stressed

  • Have broadened your views

  • Be able to paint even though you might have felt you never could

  • Take your painting to another level if you are already painting

  • At any point be able to duplicate the techniques learned when you wish to feel creative for whatever reason

  • Have made one or more fantastic paintings straight from your heart


The course fees include all materials! All you need to bring is yourself, an open mind and clothes that you don’t mind getting a stain or two on…


Option 1:

Weekend intensive workshop over 2 days.

Normal hours are 9.30 am to 5 pm. It includes all materials, a healthy lunch, coffee/tea and drinking water. Often a guest presenter is invited.




6 mornings spread over 8 weeks. A somewhat more relaxed programme.

Normal hours are 9.30 am to 1 pm. It includes all materials, coffee/tea and drinking water.


Groups of 6-10 people, maximum of 12.

Workshop to be held at my Studio in Taman Hillview, Ampang. Other venues (retreats) can be arranged in agreement but I have certain criteria which needs to be met as the environment is important to the results of the workshop.

Register your interest to join a 2 day workshop… or book one for your own group of 6-10 people:

Or call me +60 017 693 1051 to discuss options.

Slip Dit Indre Legebarn Løs med Maling


Kreativ weekend workshop over 2 dage. 


Dette er et udsædvanligt malekursus med fokus på kreativitet fremfor teknik.

Det væsentligste på dette kursus er fokus på dit indre barn… det lille barn som elskede at lege og være kreativt.

Du får lidt simpel introduktion til helt basiske teknikker for maling med akrylmaling samt enkel farveteori, hvis du har behov for det. Herudover vil du blive introduceret til en række mere udsædvanlige øvelser, som skal hjælpe dig i kontakt med dit indre legebarn.


• Sammenhængen mellem leg, kreativitet og afslapning
• Vores tankers indflydelse på kreativitet
• Farvers indflydelse på vores humør
• Basiske teknikker med akryl farver
• Mix farver for ekstra kreativ udfoldelse
• Lær at kode dig selv til kreativ udfoldelse
• Mærk hvordan det føles at være kreativ og have det sjovt
• Smid skrækken for det hvide kanvas overbord
• Leg og mal med glæde


Jettestuen', Æ Skovvej 11, 7884 Fur, Denmark.

Tlf. (+45) 97593897 eller 42250512. E-mail:


inklusive alle materialer,
eksklusiv forplejning.
Der kan bestilles mad i 'Jettestuen' efter aftale.


Tilmeld og forespoergsel i Jettestuen:
tlf. (+45) 97593897 eller (+45) 42250512 og via e-mail Alek Krylow

Hvis du har brug for overnatning, kan du evt leje B&B i Jettestuen til meget rimelige priser.

Om Charlotte Dønvang:
Maler, healer, underviser, forretningskvinde.


“Min mission er at sprede glæde med farver, kunst og kreativitet… herunder at hjælpe andre til at erfare, at vi alle har fantastiske kreative evner . Ved at tillade os selv at lege og aktivt bruge farver og kreativitet i hverdagen, kan vi både afstresse og finde os selv som menneske.”

”Jeg elsker farver. De udtrykker mere end ord og er et herligt internationalt sprog, som taler til hjertet uanset sprog, alder og kultur. Farver taler til underbevidstheden og kan fortælle os meget om os selv. Jeg arbejder intuitivt og opfatter mine billeder som en totalitet med farver, symboler, titel og tilhørende besked. Det er ren energi! Mine billeder er først færdige, når de er tolket med tilhørende ord… og nogen gange lyd… så de bliver til en total oplevelse!”

Charlotte Donvang's Virtual Art Gallery