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Videos/ photo from events

Singapore Contemporary

Charlotte Donvang exhibited at Singapore Contemporary 19-22 January 2017 with her 3D Energy in Motion showing. Charlotte's exploration of life, energy and motion is vibrantly showing in this exhibition. Exploring emotions of of the human journey: love, hate, anger, joy. Charlotte uses powerful strokes and strong colours to express the strength these have in our lives.

Truth of Dare 

10-24 June 2014 at Artiseri Gallery at Seri Pacific Kuala Lumpur. A Solo Art Exhibition by Charlotte Donvang.
A special feature at the opening was the performance of the painting 'Me, Myself and I'… it was danced by Nila Palacios and Joshua Gui to 'Warm Air' by Vanessa Mae. Charlotte's perception of art as energy means it can be 'translated' into other energies like for instance at the opening where a painting was also shown in another dimension... in dance or music. Charlotte always complements

all her artworks with words which are the story the artwork is telling her. Charlotte Donvang's story for the painting 'Me, Myself and I'… the painting danced at the opening reception:"Just the three of us: Me, Myself and I. We can be powerful companions… or our own worst enemies. Are we in top ego mode thinking of ourselves only: thinking first of me, then of myself and then of the needs of I… to finally thinking of others in that order? Are we speaking for ourselves only and not thinking of what others might feel? What if our true and balanced state instead consisted of a inner Divinity, a female side and a masculine side? And what if we could make these dance a graceful and symbiotic dance, wouldn’t that bring out the music in us, in our lives and the lives of those we meet? Could it be that by listening to our inner Divinity we felt connected to the lives of others and by embracing our feminity and maculinity in one dance, that we would feel both compassion and take necessary actions to understand the bigger picture? What can you do in your life to balance your inner Divinity with your female and masculine sides?" Copyright © Charlotte Donvang -

Depth and Deception

3-31 October 2013 at Westin Kuala Lumpur.

See the photos of the opening on 3 October 2013 of the art exhibtion Depth & Deception by Danish painter Charlotte Donvang and Pakistani photographer Ahsan Qureshi.

We all see things, we all see faces, we all see situations. But we all see

what we want to see, we imagine according to our experiences and our perceptions.

What is a locked door? A way to stop someone from knowing an ugly truth or is it simply an opportunity of peace and happiness waiting to be unlocked?

What is a closed window? Will it open up to a peaceful and joyful space or will it open pent up anguish, jealousy and distaste?

The locked door and closed window could both open to nothingness….. the perfect conundrum …. But what do we see?                                                               Double click slideshow to view in full

Colours of Life

5 January to 6 February 2012  at Hotel Equatorial, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
“Colours of Life. A Celebration of Life, Art and Culture”... a Solo
Art  exhibition by Charlotte Donvang and a series of talks and workshops around life, art and culture including Charlotte Donvang’s talks  ”Why Colours Are More Important Than We Think” and  Playshop for Adults. How to Relax Through Creative Expression”.   

Double click slideshow to view in full

About my art in 2009

Meet Charlotte Donvang - artist and flamboyantly colourful visionary. This is an early presentation of the Danish artist while she was living in Malaysia. She is an intuitive painter and artist using ancient and geometrics symbols as part of her art, both invisibly and visible, and her passion to spread joy with art, colour and creativity. She spreads joy through her artworks as well as through her transformational healing and self development workshops where she uses art and colour as a means of expression for the individual. Charlotte's artworks are depicting the energies and emotions of life and she hopes that she this way can help the audience ask the right questions in their lives.

Art in the Garden

December 2009  in Charlotte’s Garden Gallery, Taman Hillview, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... a solo display and art reception.

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