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Danish Artist Charlotte Donvang
at Cafe K Viborg.

(Siden findes på dansk og engelsk)

Current exhibition from 11 October 2023

Reality and deceptions

By Tetyana Jørgensen, Curator
SISTERS Gallery, Viborg

  'Reality and deceptions' is a deeply personal and philosophical journey into Charlotte Dønvang's artistic world. In this unique series of paintings, you are drawn into the artist's innermost thoughts and feelings, where each brush stroke on the canvas represents a philosophical reflection that the artist has experienced at the moment of creation.


Charlotte Dønvang's well-known color palette and painting style are here to accompany you on this colorful journey, filled with life optimism and positivity. You will experience how colours and shapes become an integral part of deep thoughts and reflections that take shape on the canvas.


Through this series, you will be invited to explore different aspects of human existence, including love, loneliness, nature and society, through the eyes of the artist. Each painting is an invitation to delve into the artist's world and question life itself.


Seize this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of philosophical reflections, communicated through colors and brush strokes, and be inspired by Charlotte Dønvang's unique perspective on life.

The Artist

Charlotte Donvang

Colourful Charlotte Dønvang works expressively in strong and bright colours with striking and often very philosophical messages. She is inspired by ancient wisdom and the simple art of observing people, nature and life. She questions what immediately meets the eye in search of a deeper truth. She looks at the essence of life in general while encouraging the viewer to look inside her and question the way they look at life.

Charlotte Dønvang is particularly interested in people, and it is the inside that has her focus; the mind, our thoughts and our feelings. Through her art, she depicts the multidimensional facets of life and especially emotions such as love, anger, stress, negative attitudes and turns it all upside down into joy. She explores and philosophizes about how we might be able to live an even better life in balance with ourselves, each other and nature.

She goes deep into her inner universe, and has impressed audiences with her strong modern abstract expressionism in 7 countries. Most recently, she impressed a jury at Haegeumgang Theme Museum, a dedicated modern art museum in Korea, where for the 3rd year in a row she has just submitted a work to their collection.

Charlotte Dønvang was born in 1962 into a family of artists and has since 2009 exhibited in Denmark, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and India in both group and solo exhibitions.

Contact the artist to buy:

Charlotte Donvang +45 23308536

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Artworks from exhibition
at Cafe K Viborg
August and September

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